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Zynga Games Closing Down

I received a message from a friend saying that a few Zynga games were closing down. I did not believe him, so I logged into my games and the following is a screen shot of what I found:

Very interesting to know we will not lose any real money we have spent nor will we lose any coins earned in-game — we can transfer the coins over to another one of our favorite Zynga games!


Hmm, I can only speculate on why — is it that people are just not playing them any more? I, myself, have not played FishVille in over a year, but I do play Treasure Island; however, I only have about 4 friends who still play so it makes it almost impossible to finish any quests. I will now be logging in regularly to both of these games every day to get as many coins as I can before December 5th. How many others will do the same?

This makes we wonder if YoVille may be the next to go? From talking with several of my friends, I’m thinking it’s possible that YoVille may be losing more YoCash buying players a month, and the majority of new players coming into the game are not buying YoCash. 

What are your thoughts? Are you sad to see any of these games go? Or are you finding new enthusiasm in some of the new games being released?


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